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Game Engineering Minor
Computer Science and Engineering



Interested in programming computer/videogames? Want to learn the right areas of CS to help you have relevant and useful skills for entering the game industry? Curious about game engineering research and interested in participating while you are an undergraduate? This minor may be of interest to you.  Take a look at the requirements (below), and then either attend the Open House at the MAGNET center on Friday, October 25 at noon (lunch provided), or direct inquiries to the CSE academic advising coordinator, Susana Garcia-Henriquez ( )


Structure of the Minor:


Prerequisites (12 credits)

Students will be expected to complete a minimal core curriculum in the CSE undergraduate program before enrolling in the minor, in order to be well prepared for the game engineering coursework. This means students who would like to receive the minor who are not also CSE majors will have to complete these courses (or show equivalent mastery) in addition to the minor requirements. These courses are: Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, Object Oriented Programming, and Data Structures and Algorithms.


 Note: students completing the minor from outside CSE can request permission to apply a portion of these prerequisite credits to the overall credit total for the minor.  No more than 6 credits may be applied.


Minor Courses:

The minor consists of 15 credit units. Each course taken may count for only one requirement (so a single class may not serve two requirements simultaneously).


Core (6 credits):

All students will need to complete the Game Programming course and at least one game development course. Courses meeting the game development requirement are Minimalist Game Design, Game Development Studio 1 (cross-listed DM/CSE), and Game Development Project Studio (Tisch School of the Arts Game Center). 


Core electives (6 credits):

In addition to these two courses, students must take 2 additional game engineering courses within NYU-Poly CSE curriculum. Course options include:


  • Introduction to Computer Graphics

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Minimalist Game Design


University-wide electives (3 credits):

Students may take an additional CSE Game Engineering elective, or they may submit another Game Engineering-related elective for consideration for approval as part of their minor, from anywhere within NYU and NYU-Poly. Sample courses that could be relevant from across the university include:


  • 3D Graphics Studio I in Poly Digital Media program

  • Introduction to Game Design, Game Development Project Studio, and Games 101 in Tisch School of the Arts Game Center

  • Designing Simulations and Games for Learning in Steinhart Digital Media and Design for Learning program

  • Social Multiplayer Games and Computer Games, Courant Institute Computer Science Department


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