Welcome to the Game Innovation Lab at the NYU School of Engineering, where we’ve been encouraging creativity and teamwork, and building innovative and playful experiences for our students, faculty, and visitors since 2011.


Using Games to Win the War for Talent in the Workplace From Design to AI & Big Data

5th Annual Conference Human Capital Innovation in Technology & Analytics Prof. Andy Nealen, Director of the Game Innovation Lab, and Christoffer Holmgård, PhD, and Frank Lance, Director of the NYU Game Center came toghter at… Read More…

CHI 2016

This year we've got two papers accepted into CHI, both authored by Edward Melcer. They are: Bridging the Physical Divide: A Design Framework for Embodied Learning Games and Simulations Existing embodied learning games and simulations… Read More…

Faculty Talks, Workshops, and Awards

Game Innovation Lab Co-Director, Julian Togelius, is going to be giving two keynotes this November. One at the International Joint Conference on Computational Intellignence: http://ijcci.org/KeynoteSpeakers.aspx The Abstract of the talk is as follows: Artificial intelligence… Read More…


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Quick Facts

We are:

Funded by the NSF, Microsoft, Yahoo, Bell Labs, and more

Designed to allow for both fluid, collaborative thinking and easy, fluid movement of surfaces and workstations

Home to interdisciplinary research and teaching

What is this

GIL is an interdisciplinary graduate research lab. Our funded projects take games and turn them into an innovation challenge.  We work with industry partners, research facilities internationally, the NYC Board of Education and other groups,… Read More…

How can I

If you have a project that could be a good fit the for Lab's research mission, drop us a line at games@poly.edu, and we'll get back to you with next steps. If you are a… Read More…

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We periodically host tours and research demos, as well as present a popular series of Indie Tech Talks and other game-related workshops. Stay tuned for information about our upcoming events Read More…